July – WHMIS 2015 – for the Employer and Employee

SHSAtv Presents: WHMIS 2015 – for the Employer Have you ever wondered what WHMIS or GHS is? Do you know if your employees need WHMIS training? If these are questions you’ve ...

SHSAtv Presents: Safety Superheros – Youth Leading the Change

SHSAtv Presents: Safety Superheros – Youth Leading the Change Have you ever wondered when safety education should begin?  Why should we start early and what tools can we use to get ...

SHSAtv Presents: Keys to an Effective Safety Management System

 SHSAtv Presents: Keys to an Effective Safety Management System Featuring: Timeline Logistic This episode, with Timeline Logistic 2017 SABEX Safety Award Winner- highlights the importance of Management Commitment and Hazard ...

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Near Misses: The Zero Cost way to collect safety information specific to YOUR workplace

What is a Near Miss? A near miss is an opportunity to improve health and safety in a workplace based on a condition or an event with potential for more serious consequences, including: * Unsafe conditions * Unsafe behaviours * Minor incidents/injuries * Events where injury or property damage could have occurred, but did not. […]

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Occupational Health Committees & Representatives

Occupational Health Committees & Representatives Occupational Health Committees… do I have one established at my organization?  Do I need one?  What are their roles and responsibilities?  These are all very important questions and very common ones.  Recent statistics show that within the WCB rate codes of S21, S22 & S23, contraventions surrounding training of representatives […]

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SaskPolytech OHS Certificate Update

SaskPolytech OHS Certificate Update Saskatchewan Polytechnic announces an exciting change to their Occupational Health and Safety Programming! Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be introducing a new certificate credential that will meet AND exceed the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals academic eligibility requirements being implemented in 2018. One of SHSA’s own, Lisa Chavady, is an alumni of […]

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