Workplace Safety Association founded for First Nations of Saskatchewan!

Saskatchewan First Nations workers now have an association advocating for workplace safety on their behalf.  The Saskatchewan First Nation Safety Association (SFNSA) aims at empowering First Nations communities to live ...

Youth Safety Education Day Sept 10th, 2016 #YSED2016

Help drive cultural change through safety centered leadership for this years Youth Safety Education Day 2016! For the past four years, The Ministry of Education has proclaimed September 10th as ...

Youth Safety – Don’t Be A Statistic!

If you have young workers in your workplace and you want to ensure they are safe on the job at all times you need to tune into our upcoming episode ...

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Youth Safety

  Young Workers are classified as workers between the ages of 15-25-years-old and make up a large percentage of today’s workplace.  This is especially true in the service & hospitality industry! Proper training and supervision are vital to ensuring these workers fully understand the risks associated with the hazards in their workplace.   SHSA Youth […]

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Workplace Housekeeping: An Important Factor in Preventing Injuries

What does workplace housekeeping mean? Workplace housekeeping involves much more than mopping up at the end of the day or taking the trash out. Good housekeeping practices can help prevent injuries, improve productivity and increase morale. Continuous housekeeping that is supported by management will allow you to achieve a safe and clean work environment which […]

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Would You Know What To Do In This Situation?

In the service and hospitality industry, we often deal with contractors when it comes to renovations and repairs to our facilities.  Although these individuals are employed through other organizations which typically do not fall under our industry code, it’s important to know what to do if one of them is injured on your property. Falls […]

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