Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision represents a future state or condition of the SHSA that serves as a motivating force.  It is an inspiration that compels people to action.  It may appear as an abstract idea but when people begin to see it can be achieved and exist, it becomes a powerful guiding principle.  Our ultimate purpose has always been to stop people from getting hurt.  We do this by working with businesses/organizations.  We do this in a way that makes them even more successful at what they do.  This distinguishes us from all other safety associations/organizations in the province.

Our Vision is:

Healthy & Safe Workplaces. Prospering. 


Our mission helps further define our purpose.  It should center us as an ever-present reminder for all of us as to why our organization exists.  It is how we achieve our Vision.

The SHSA works with future workers and current employers to raise awareness of workplace hazards and risks, change workplace safety culture and eliminate workplace injuries and all associated costs.  Specifically, we help build leaders with safety as a core value who are equipped, empowered and motivated to make change.

Our Mission is:

To drive cultural change through safety centered leadership.


Values are an organization’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgement of what is truly important.  Values can be used to define, create and maintain corporate culture.  Over the last few years, the SHSA has become a young, family centric organization. The SHSA is a balanced and diverse workplace. The average age of employees is just under 35, 80% are female, and 90% have young families or have not started a family yet. These employees are concerned about not just balancing home/work life, but also working towards a cause which is greater than themselves.  It is important that the values of the organization reflect this stage of life as well as inspire the associates.

Our Values are:

Redefining possible
Always being your best self
Playing well with others
Willing to embrace change
Owning It
Safe work.  Safe family.  Safe friends.


Established in 1996, The Service and Hospitality Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. (SHSA) has grown from a staff of one in a small office in Saskatoon to a full complement of associates in two offices.  Our head office is located in Regina, with another full office located in Saskatoon.  Our professional consultation and training services have grown to include safety centered leadership training programs, safety evaluations which evaluate existing safety management systems, and many resources to move an organization from having no safety program to having a fully functioning safety management system.

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