Safety When Travelling


Most people travel to and from their home to their worksite on a daily basis, but there are also people who travel daily for work. This may include going to a different worksite owned by their company, or going to a client’s workplace. In all of these cases, it is imperative that there is a plan in place to ensure worker’s safety while travelling.

Before You Head Out



Let someone know where you are going, and the approximate time you will be arriving. Once you have arrived at your destination, be sure to let that person know you have made it safely. Ensure there is a procedure in place with steps to follow if the check-in time is missed.

Check the Weather & Road Conditions


Check current weather conditions, as well as forecasted conditions for when you are planning on travelling back. Check your route and see if there is somewhere along your journey that you could stop if you needed to. Ensure that you are wearing proper clothing and footwear for the current weather, and pack extra for forecasted weather.

If either weather or road conditions are unfavourable, plan a different method of travel, or reschedule the work that was intended to be completed that day.



There are several options for vehicles when traveling for work.
• Using your personal vehicle
• Using a company vehicle
• Renting a vehicle
• Taking a taxi

In all of these cases, there are several tips to remember:
• Ensure that the vehicle is in good working condition before you head out on your journey
• Pack/check items that might be needed along the way: window scraper, extra washer fluid, spare tire etc.
• Ensure that you have adjusted your seat and mirrors before you start driving.
• Follow the rules of the road
• Pack an emergency roadside kit
• Take breaks along the way if you have a longer trip planned
• Give your full attention to the road
• Be sure to have a good nights sleep before heading out to ensure that you are well rested and alert for the drive

Travelling in Winter

Winter weather poses an extra risk when travelling. Conditions can change suddenly, and cold temperatures can be hazardous if you find yourself in an emergency situation. Always be sure to dress accordingly for winter weather, and pack extra clothing in case of emergency.

There are some additional items to add to your emergency roadside kit during the winter months.
The SHSA has developed a poster as a reminder of which winder items to pack. Download your FREE copy here.


SHSAtv Journey Management Episode
The SHSA recently partnered with the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centers (SARC) and the Sheraton Cavalier to create an informative episode of SHSAtv on the topic of Journey Management.

Watch the SHSAtv Episode here:

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