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SHSAtv Episode 24: Incident Investigations

The most severe and expensive injuries aren’t always easy to prevent!  If you’re responsible for investigating incidents in your workplace, you can help prevent future injuries by uncovering, and controlling, the root cause. In this video, you will find out that the worker was trained, but other systemic issues created the dangerous situation he was […]

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Get to Know Our Industry: Food & Beverage Servers

Get to Know Our Industry: Food & Beverage Servers At the SHSA we represent such varied industries under the heading “service and hospitality,” so we wanted to take the time to get to know some of the occupations in a little more detail. Here is what you should know about Food & Beverage Servers, and […]

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SHSA’s NAOSH Contest Day 4

SHSA’s NAOSH Week Contest Day 4: Cold and Flu Prevention Question: When washing your hands effectively, what song is recommended to sing twice to ensure you have scrubbed long enough?   Bonus Entry: According to this episode, how fast can sneeze droplets travel and spray how far?  Please submit your answer to us HERE by 12:00 […]

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