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SHSAtv Episode 26: Harassment in the Workplace

It’s real. It’s happening.  And it’s up to employers to prevent it. Watch: Harassment in the Workplace Join Lisa and Laura’s morning coffee chat about the increased attention about harassment, the potential consequences for employers, and what needs to be done to change this trend. A conservative estimate says that between 75% – 90% of all […]

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Can Suicide Be Considered “Work Related?”…..Of Course It Can

In August of last year, a Saskatchewan man took his own life.  That event in itself is a tragedy, but learning that it was attributed, in part, to his workplace, makes it all the more tragic.  The Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board made a ground-breaking decision when they said there was sufficient information to attribute his […]

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Parents, It’s Your Responsibility!

Young workers often can’t recognize health and safety hazards and may hesitate to ask questions.  This can lead to serious injury or even death. Remind your kids, that all workers have the right to: Know about health and safety hazards in their workplace and how to protect themselves. Participate in resolving workplace health and safety […]

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