Workplace Harassment & Bullying Episode


SHSA Presents: ‘Workplace Harassment & Bullying’Workplace Bullying

Did you know that 40% of Canadian workers report having been harassed or bullied in the workplace? Being the target of workplace bullying can affect your employees physical and mental well-being, and often has far reaching consequences that spill over into their lives outside of the workplace. As such, knowing how to handle workplace bullying and harassment is critical to the overall function and productivity or your organization.

This episode featured an exclusive interview with Darcy Acton, Labour Development Retention Consultant who is also a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) from Tourism Saskatchewan. Darcy has experience in addressing the subject of workplace bullying and harassment from an HR perspective and understands the impact that it can have if left unaddressed.

This episode answered questions such as:

  • What is harassment and the different forms of harassment?
  • What are examples of what does and does not constitute as harassment?
  • What do you do if you witness someone getting harassed, or if you yourself are being harassed?

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