2017 SHSAtv Episodes

 February Episode

Feb clip cold and flu prevention


 SHSAtv Presents: Cold and Flu Prevention

Cold and flu season. It makes it’s appearance annually, so what do we need to know to take better preventative measures and precautions?

We were able to speak with some fourth year, U of S Nursing students, about this hot topic!

Throughout this episode, we discuss:

  • Basic training around immunizations
  • Proper hand washing techniques
  • Cough etiquette
  • Sick etiquette
  • The importance of a clean work space
  • The basic science behind germs

This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

 January Episode


 SHSAtv Presents: The Saskatchewan First Nations Safety Association

Want to learn more about the Saskatchewan First Nations Safety Association? Make sure you don’t miss this episode!

SFNSA’s CEO Toby Desnomie fills us in on some of the import facts we need to know about the association:
• Background Information and why the association was created
• Mission
• How First Nations workers view OH&S
• His vision for the association

And much more!

This episode was hosted by the Courtyard Marriott in Saskatoon.

CLICK HERE to watch the recorded session on our YouTube Channel!