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Youth Initiatives

Each year 83,876 young workers are employed in Saskatchewan; 55.9% of these workers will work in the hospitality industry before their secondary education is done. On average 8,000 young Saskatchewan workers are injured every year. Injuries of youth working in the hospitality industries in Regina and Saskatoon account for 817 of these injuries.

Four young people will not come home this year due to work related fatalities.

The SHSA has taken this very seriously. We know that by teaching these young people the extreme importance of work place safety at a young age we can drastically reduce these startling numbers. By presenting our Youth Initiatives Training to schools in every school district across the province we will have a great opportunity to teach and eliminate these risks before the youth of our province enter the workforce.

Our Youth Initiative Presentation focuses on the myths surrounding safety, and is presented in a style that speaks to youth on their level. Rarely do students know that they have the RIGHT TO KNOW, the RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE and the RIGHT TO REFUSE any task they feel uncertain or scared of for whatever reason. We have been taught to do what you are told and “just get the job done”. The SHSA is working towards re-educating Saskatchewan youth to know their rights, and the importance of protecting themselves and their peers from all hazards they may face on the job. Your first job should be something you take pride in, not something that may hurt or kill you!

Know the Facts:

55.7% of Saskatchewan Food and Beverage Service workers are between 15 and 24
Over 8,000 young workers get hurt on the job every year
On average, four young Saskatchewan people don’t make it home form work every year (five in 2012)
4900 Regina high school students will have a job within the network of the hospitality industry
Saskatchewan has the 4th worst injury rate in all of Canada!
Youth (aged 15-24) are 3 times likely to be injured on the job than any other worker

The SHSA has worked with and will continue to work with great effort to establish relationships with the educators of this province’s youth.

For more information about our Youth Initiatives, or to book a presentation in your school or work place please email us!


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