Partnership Package – Youth

Thank you for helping us raise awareness and taking a safety leadership role by partnering with us for this years Youth Safety Education Day! It is through efforts of individuals such as yourself that we can bring safety awareness and education to the youth of this province before they even step foot into the workforce.

This package was developed to help facilitate discussion and learning about workplace safety. The activities included in this package are all individually separated so you can complete as many, or as few, as you like. Each activity is prefaced with instructions, and most include additional information and suggested discussion questions about the safety topic. This is information for you as the facilitator, and can be used at your discretion.


1 Welcome Letter & Contents
2 YSED2018 Poster
*When printing, select fit to page*
Event Day Awareness

3 YSED PowerPoint
Young worker’s three rights & responsibilities in the workplace, how to stay safe at work, and where to find more information about safety

4 Quick Fact Sheet
Worker’s three rights, worker’s responsibilities, young worker statistics, and discussion questions

5 Tips for Young Workers
General tips for young workers including, questions to ask your employer, general tips for young workers, and some ways to ask for help

6a Safety Certificate – Fillable – large
6b Safety Certificates – Fillable – Small|
Full page & quarter page fillable certificates to recognize positive safety leadership behaviours

7 Spot the Hazard Instructions
7a Spot the Hazard – Serving Food
7a Spot the Hazard – Serving Food (Answer Key)
7b Spot the Hazard – Handling Luggage
7b Spot the Hazard – Handling Luggage (Answer Key)
7c Spot the Hazard – Warehouse
7c Spot the Hazard – Warehouse (Answer Key)
7d Spot the Hazard – Home Kitchen
7d Spot the Hazard – Home Kitchen (Answer Key)
Four images provided, that are filled with hazards, spot all you can in these images and have discussions on how to fix them

8 PPE Pictionary
A take on the traditional Pictionary game with variations provided. Images for drawing are different types of Personal Protective Equipment. Information about PPE is provided for you, along with discussion questions

9 Crossword Puzzle
A traditional crossword puzzle filled with words relating to the 3 workers’ rights, general safety in the workplace and at home, and safety acronyms like OH&S and WHMIS

10 Create a Safety Poster
10a Safety Poster Template Spikes – B&W
10b Safety Poster Template Hatched – Colour
10c Safety Poster Template Cones – Colour
10d Safety Poster Template Arrows – B&W
Four templates (borders) provided (two in colour, two in black and white). Suggested topics are included along with a discussion guide

11 QR Code Activity
Participants scan provided QR Codes to find safety information that allows them to complete their worksheet. Topics include slips & falls, young workers, lingo, and emergency preparedness. Variations and discussion questions are included.

12 Informal Safety Meetings
This activity explains informal safety meetings and provides possible topics. Participant groups hold their own informal safety meeting and record the meeting minutes

13 Scavenger Hunt
A less extensive inspection checklist is provided that has participants looking for items such as fire extinguishers, etc. Following the scavenger hunt, a discussion is held to determine how to fix the items that were missing

14 Safe Lifting Poster (print 11×17)
15 Don’t Slip Poster (print 11×17)


On September 10th, and leading up to the day, please share on your social media outlets and website about how you’re involved with the SHSA and your participation in Youth Safety Education Day!

Help raise awareness and take a leadership role in safety! Please use #YSED2018 when sharing your involvement online!

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