Act, Think, Pink!

On February 22nd, people in Saskatchewan and across the globe will recognize Pink Shirt Day– a commemorative day to bring awareness and support to anti-bullying initiatives.

Pink Shirt Day started in 2007 in small-town Nova Scotia and has grown enormously, reaching 110 different countries and raising over 2.8 million dollars for anti-bullying programs in Western Canada alone. While Statistics Canada research shows that one in five young Canadians experiences bullying, a 2015 report from the Saskatchewan Alliance for Youth and Community Wellbeing (SAYCW) suggested that within Saskatchewan, every two out of three youth experience bullying.

This report showed that verbal bullying was the number one form of bullying in our province, with cyberbullying coming in second. As schools across Saskatchewan approach Pink Shirt Day, we here at Service Hospitality want to remind you that the anti-bullying work doesn’t have to stop with just wearing your favourite pink shirt on the 22nd.

Service Hospitality provides classroom presentations to students in Saskatchewan to foster a mindset of safety and wellness from a young age. Our Grade 4/5 Community Safety presentation focuses heavily on bullying. The presentation is designed for the Grade 4/5 level and targets outcomes in the health education curriculum. The presentation focuses on outcomes USC4.4 & USC5.6.

For those who are out of school but still looking to go the extra mile in the spirit of Pink Shirt Day, our advisors also provide an in-person or online course on workplace harassment, the consequences it can have, and how to prevent it from affecting your workers and workplace, called Harassment Prevention in Hospitality: Beyond the Policy. 

Get in contact with one of our Safety Advisors to book a presentation TODAY!

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