An Easy Tool That Can Increase Safety Awareness and Compliance In Your Workplace

Does your workplace have a safety bulletin board? Do you know where it’s located? What kind of information gets posted and how often is it updated?

Creating a safety-themed bulletin board is arguably one of the easiest ways to prevent workplace injuries. A safety board can inform workers about potential hazards in the workplace, as well as provide information and tips on how to protect against those hazards. A safety board will almost certainly prove helpful in promoting a safe work environment, but it’s not just a good idea to have one – it’s the law.

The Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996 say:

Duty of employer or contractor to provide information

15 An employer or contractor shall:

 (b) provide a suitable bulletin board to be used primarily to post information on health and safety related to the place of employment.

Because employers are legally required to post certain documents and signage, an organization’s safety board is often the first stop an OH&S Officer will make during a workplace inspection. If the board doesn’t meet compliance, it can send a signal that bigger issues are lurking just out of sight. A complete safety board can go a long way toward demonstrating due diligence and an employer’s commitment to a safe workplace.

Some of the required postings include the OH&S Committee meeting minutes, the Harassment Policy, and the employer’s Health & Safety Policy, among others. But to make your Safety Board really POP, consider going beyond the legal requirements and include items such as tips and advice memos, posters, or safety recognition awards.

Other tips for creating a safety bulletin board for the workplace:

  • place the safety board in a conspicuous area to which workers have easy access, such as a lunchroom or frequently travelled hallway.

  • Update your safety bulletin board with new information on a regular basis.

  • Encourage workers to read the safety bulletin board by hiding random codes or similar “Easter Eggs” throughout, rewarding the worker who finds them.

  • Don’t just include text/words on your safety bulletin board, but also include pictures and visual diagrams.

  • Ask workers for feedback and suggestions. You’ll get the best workplace safety advice directly from your workers.

How Service Hospitality can help:

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