Announcing HSLC Streams Integrated with Psychological Health and Safety!

HSLC Streams are now fully integrated with Psychological Health and Safety! The first of its kind in Saskatchewan.

Service Hospitality has taken safety to the next level with one purpose: our goal has always been to stop people from getting hurt! Through our Health and Safety Leadership Certification (HSLC), our employers work through a step-by-step process to build a safety management system.

Health and Safety Leadership Certification (HSLC) is our flagship program that walks employers through developing a fully functioning Health and Safety Management System. Our industry-specific streams are tailored to the individual needs of our employers. It is no longer a one-size-fits-all model. HSLC Streams are all uniquely designed with the employer in mind, the Hospitality Stream (in partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan), the Community Service Stream (in partnership with SARC), and a General Stream.

Why stop there? HSLC Certification now includes Psychological Health and Safety into ALL our existing training programs, resources, and additional training options provided by both partners!

Psychological Health and Safety continue to be a hot topic for many employers. We want to ensure that our industry members have the knowledge and skills to ensure their workplace is physically and psychologically healthy and safe!


Reach out to one of our Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisors and begin your journey today to build a stronger safety management system. 


HSLC Program: Helping Organizations Achieve The Highest Standard for Safety Certification!

DID YOU KNOW? Due to workplace injuries, the average employer is paying 30% MORE in associated costs than they need to be? 

Achieving HSLC will improve your safety management system and: 

*Protect your employees from potential injuries, illnesses, and fatalities
*Protect yourself and your business from prosecution, fines and tickets
*Reduce your WCB premiums
*Reduce employee turnover and retain quality staff
*Improve employee morale, productivity, and customer experience 

We are here to help you step by step — we are your roadmap to safety!

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