ANNOUNCING our 2022 SK Polytechnic Hotel & Restaurant Management Program Scholarship Recipient!

It has always been said that safety starts at the top. This is why Service Hospitality supports the training and development of well-trained hospitality industry professionals who are preparing to not only run Saskatchewan hotels and restaurants successfully but safely, as well. 

We are honored to support this endeavour this year and to provide 1 scholarship to a student from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Hotel & Restaurant Management Program! This diploma program provides industry knowledge and management skills which includes six weeks of practical work experience in various areas of the hospitality industry.  We would like to congratulate our 2022 scholarship recipient, Marc-Andre De-Serres!

Winner of $1000.00 Scholarship

Marc-Andre De-Serres

Why did you choose hospitality?

“I chose hospitality as it combined my passion for the food industry, and it allows me to develop more meaningful connections with people from my community and visitors.”

What are your future goals post-graduation?

“My goal is to develop a Food Service Training Program that will offer more opportunities and resources to those living in poverty or homelessness in my community.”

What will you do to promote Health & Safety in your future job?

“Being a strong advocate for health & safety, I aspire to create a safe workplace for all, ensure proper training is being conducted to lower the risk of incidents and maintain proper record keeping to protect employees.”

Please join us in celebrating this incredible achievement!
Congrats Marc-Andre!

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