Announcing our 2023 Safety Centered Leadership Award!

Once a year, Service Hospitality recognizes individuals who have taken a leadership role in demonstrating their commitment to safety. The SCLA awards an individual or group that:

  • Notably, it goes above and beyond meeting occupational and psychological health and safety standards.

  • Produces positive outcomes in health, safety, and wellness culture.

  • Integrates health and safety into business and internal work practices.

Workplaces prosper when safety is at the centre of all business activities. Since 2013, Service Hospitality has annually honoured those who demonstrate this commitment. With great pleasure, we announce Phyllis O’Connor, Executive Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Saskatchewan division, as the Service Hospitality 2023 Safety-Centered Leadership Award recipient. 

2023 SCLA Recipient

Phyllis O’Connor, Executive Director- The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) – Saskatchewan Division 

A lifetime commitment to mental health support and psychological health and safety.

That is what Phyllis O’Connor represents, which is why Service Hospitality proudly presents her with the 2023 Safety Centered Leadership Award.

Service Hospitality’s most prestigious award does not do justice to the depth of Phyllis’s impact on promoting mental health support and psychological health and safety in Saskatchewan. Phyllis has over 25 years of experience working at the Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatchewan Division) and seven years in the role of Executive Director.  In addition to her decorated tenure at CMHA SK, Phyllis has also served on the Service Hospitality Board of Directors and the Mental Health Best Practice Group Steering Committee for many years. Phyllis was also a supportive and driving force behind ongoing partnership agreements between Service Hospitality and CMHA SK, lending her credibility to Service Hospitality’s first psychological health and safety tools and training.

Phyllis led the partnership between CMHA SK and Service Hospitality for two joint “We’re Only Human” virtual conferences that started during the pandemic. These conferences allowed over one thousand registrants to connect and learn about positive workplace wellness at a time when all connection was difficult and the need for mental health support had never been greater.

Phyllis also worked alongside Service Hospitality during CMHA SK’s creation of the Difficult Discussions workshop. Following its creation, this concept was piloted by the Mental Health Best Practice Group and is now being adopted by CMHA National to be offered nationwide.

We celebrate Phyllis at the time of her retirement for an extensive career focused on caring for others. Phyllis firmly believes that with the proper support in place, recovery is possible, and people with mental illness can become valuable members of the workforce and their community.  The lead she has taken to bring the conversation around mental health into the workplace has had a lasting impact across all of Saskatchewan.

Thank you, Phyllis, for your leadership, heart, and passion. Congratulations!

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