Applied Workplace Ergonomics

A quick internet search of “workplace ergonomics” typically results in a cookie-cutter approach to setting up an office chair and desk. But many community service workers spend their workdays everywhere BUT at a desk!

Because of the variety of work within the Community Services sector, ergonomic injuries are prevalent . Common injuries like sprains and strains, wrist, shoulder, and back injuries happen because of how workers engage with their tasks and workspace. How can we prevent these injuries from occurring? The first step is to know how to identify and address ergonomic hazards!

*This is an elective course for Level 3 of our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate Program* For more information, including registration, pricing, payment, and cancellation information please contact one of our Safety Advisors.

This course will cover the following:

  • What is workplace ergonomics

  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of ergonomic injuries

  • Identifying ergonomic hazards and determining effective controls

  • Applying our knowledge of ergonomics to both office and field work environments

Participants of this course will be able to apply their learned knowledge to their own work environment and make recommendations for ergonomic improvements. They will be able to identify ergonomic hazards and develop strategies to reduce the risk of injury, whether their budget is large, minimal, or non-existent. Ergonomics is not always about buying the fanciest “ergonomic equipment” but designing spaces and tasks that optimize comfort and productivity for the worker!

Recommended for:

Managers, Supervisors, HR, OH&S Committee members and anyone who wants to expand their health and safety knowledge.

Approximate Duration:

4 hours In-Person (Not offered virtually)