Are Worker’s Compensation Injury Claims Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Short answer: yes! Can you do anything about it? Absolutely!

When one of your employees is injured on the job, it can be challenging to stop everything, do a thorough incident investigation, submit the report and manage the claim.

Let’s take a look at Ralph. Ralph experiences a simple back strain while on the job. He immediately informs you, his employer, who sends him off to receive medical attention. Ralph’s doctor informs him that his simple strain is a more severe injury that will require 4 weeks away from work.

What do you do now?!

All injury claims have the potential to become complex and drawn out if not managed appropriately. Drawn-out time loss injuries lead to increased claim costs, contributing to increased employer WCB premiums. This is only one of the reasons why effectively managing your WCB claims as early as possible is paramount.

On the other side of the coin, employers with a well-developed claims management program typically see a 20-30% reduction in workdays lost per claim. So, where do you start?

Service Hospitality offers a half-day workshop that will provide you with the key pieces needed to put you in the driver’s seat in all aspects of claims management. This workshop will teach you:

  • How to conduct an appropriate incident investigation to get all the necessary facts on why and how the injury occurred

  • How to manage your documentation so you have everything you need in writing and can track and analyze trends

  • How to create modified work programs that are meaningful and effective

So what about Ralph?

Using your new claims management knowledge, you will be able to provide Ralph with a safe and sustainable return to work plan, shorten his absence from work, return him to full earnings much faster, and reduce your overall costs.

How Service Hospitality can help:

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