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Health & Safety Pays – And We Have The Proof!

A healthy and safe business makes good sense and good cents. We often hear about reduced costs, both financial and human, for organizations who have strong Safety Management Systems. But where is the proof for such a bold statement? Well, Service Hospitality crunched the numbers for you. In Saskatchewan, there are approximately 4100 employers within […]

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Partnering to Serve You Better

Service Hospitality is pleased to announce our new partnership with St. John Ambulance – Saskatchewan.  St. John Ambulance is committed to improving all Canadians’ health, safety, and quality of life by providing training and community service.  To do so, they offer community service, first aid and CPR training.  The St. John Ambulance Council for Saskatchewan […]

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Sights on Success Consulting – Leadership Development in Intercultural Competence

Mental health is on everyone’s mind these days, and although there is an abundance of resources available, maintaining good mental health continues to be a struggle fueled by isolation, constant stress, and increased demands.  One area of potential psychological relief we may not have considered, for example, is the development of intercultural competence. Service Hospitality […]

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