Celebrating Eagles Nest’s Dedication to Keeping Staff Safe!

Eagle's Nest Youth Ranch HSLC RecipientsAt the end of 2022, Eagles Nest Youth Ranch achieved a milestone in its commitment to workplace safety. Through their dedication to the Health and Safety Leadership Certification (HSLC) program, the organization has built an internal safety management system that will help ensure their employees’ physical and psychological protection.

2022 was a year to be proud of for one of Saskatchewan’s largest employers in the community service sector. With Executive Director Susan Luedtke leading the way, ENYR took on the challenge of achieving HSLC Level 1 for ALL of their locations, resulting in a completed safety evaluation, 21 training sessions, and over 475 training certificates handed out.

This certification demonstrates their commitment to upholding the workplace’s highest safety and health standards. The HSLC Community Service Stream requires a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s policies and procedures to ensure they comply with the relevant standards and regulations, helping create a safe, secure and healthy work environment for their employees and clients.

ENYR should be proud of its leadership and commitment to safety and health in the workplace by achieving the HSLC Level 1 certification. This is a major step towards creating a workplace where employees feel safe and valued.  


“Thanks for organizing this training – I was kind of dreading it because I was sure it would be boring but what an excellent and engaging presenter! I do think it was relevant, and the discussions were especially good. I have been on OHS committees in the past, so I understand the basics, but it was a good reminder.”

– Adelle, Youth Care Worker, Eagle’s Nest Youth Ranch

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HSLC Community Services Stream

Our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead your organization through developing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System. Empowering you to create a safety culture that will improve the way you do business!

With four required training levels plus electives, our Community Service Stream, in partnership with SARC, provides efficiencies and risk-specific training options for joint customers in the community service industry.

If you are a community service employer in the province of Saskatchewan, you have legislative obligations. The larger the employer you are, the greater the obligation. Our HSLC program guarantees you will meet those obligations and MORE!

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