Congrats to our 2021 Injury-Free Workplace Certificate Recipients!

Over the last two years, we have seen massive disruption to workplaces in all industries. However, we have also seen incredible work done by individuals, communities, and organizations during these challenging times. On behalf of Service Hospitality, we would like to commend and congratulate the over 3,400 employers who received our 2021 Injury-Free Certificates. Throughout these challenging times, you have continued to prioritize the health and safety of your employees, your customers, and your community. 

We have the honour of recognizing those employers who have an injury-free workplace every year. This means one year (or more!) of every worker in your organization being safe on the job. We recognize these accomplishments by providing you with a letter and certificate as a reward for all the hard work you put in daily to ensure your workers and workplace are safe and free from injuries. 

Since this is about your organization, we have continued doing something a little “extra.” Upon receiving your certificate, we ask that you or your employee(s) take a photo proudly holding or displaying your certificate & sent to All submissions will be entered to win a prize worth $200 and featured below. The winning organization will be highlighted on our social media channels.

The winner of our 2021 Injury-Free Workplace Prize Basket is Athabasca Camps Inc! Congratulations! 

Our ultimate purpose is to prevent and reduce injuries in the workplace. We do this by working with organizations like yours to provide resources, education & training to ensure you have the tools to succeed. However, we have recognized that even in safe workplaces, injuries still happen. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you require additional support. We will be happy to assist in getting your employee(s) back on the job and ensure a similar injury never happens again.

Service Hospitality recognizes the contributions of all its members who have played a significant role in keeping the workers of Saskatchewan safe and free from injury. Because of this hard work and dedication to workplace safety, organizations such as yours can serve as role models for us all.

Congrats to all 2021 Injury-Free Workplace Certificate Recipients! 

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