Congrats to our 2023 Injury-Free & Safety Performance Achievement Certificate Recipients!

On behalf of Service Hospitality, we acknowledge the over 3,700 members who received our Injury-Free and Safety Performance Achievement certificates for 2023. Thank you for being so committed and prioritizing the health and safety of your employees, those you serve, and the community. 

As your non-profit safety association in Saskatchewan, Service Hospitality is honoured to have members like you. With over 4,000 members representing over $1.6 billion in payroll, we offer valuable consultation and education services to support you and help you succeed.

We are honoured to recognize employers with an injury-free and safety performance achievement certificate. We realize these accomplishments by providing you with a letter and certificate as a reward for all the hard work you put in daily to ensure your workers and workplace are safe and free from injuries. Look out for these in the mail this week! 

For 2023, we are delighted to share that 87% of our members achieved injury-free workplaces! That is 3,591 workplaces with no injuries sustained in 2023. Of the remaining members who reported injuries last year, an additional 5% either met or beat their performance from the previous year. This is an important accolade for some of our larger employers, who are still a few years away from an injury-free workplace. The recognition of them moving in the right direction is new this year, and we are happy to report that 186 members met or beat their performance from 2022!

Since this is about your organization, we have continued doing something a little “extra.” Upon receiving your certificate, we ask that you or your employee(s) take a photo proudly holding or displaying your certificate & send it to All submissions will be entered into our draw to win a prize basket worth $200 and be featured on our website below. The winning organization will be highlighted on our social media channels. The deadline for contest submissions is Sunday, April 21st, 2024. We will announce and contact the winner on April 22nd. 


The winner of our 2023 Injury-Free/Safety Achievement Prize Basket is Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. Congratulations! 

At Service Hospitality, we are committed to preventing and reducing workplace injuries. We work with organizations like yours to provide resources and education to ensure you have the tools to succeed. Contact us for more information or support in meeting occupational health and safety requirements, injury prevention, and safe return to work.

Your success inspires us all, and we appreciate your contributions to making Saskatchewan a safer workplace. To learn more, read our 2023 Annual Report online HERE!

Congrats to all 2023 Injury-Free/Safety Achievement Certificate Recipients! 

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