Does Your Organization Have a Fully Functioning Safety Management System?

Have you ever wondered if you have a fully functioning Safety Management System? Do you want to know if you have all the necessary policies and procedures to remain compliant with legislation? Do you not only want to stay compliant with legislation but also be provided with industry best practices to take your Safety Management System to the next level?

Look No Further, Service Hospitality’s Safety Evaluation is here!

Service Hospitality is proud to announce that we have upgraded our audit tool based on legal compliance and best practices for physical and psychological health and safety in the workplace. The following standards were reviewed in the creating of our audit tool:

What You Need To Know:

➡️ A Service Hospitality Safety Advisor will conduct our fully integrated safety evaluation at your place of business. A safety advisor will review your safety documentation, survey both managers/supervisors and workers, and do an observation tour of your premises. Someone in your organization must guide these activities. The average timeline for the evaluation is 4-6 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your organization.

➡️Following the on-site evaluation, the Safety Advisor will create a report based on their findings. These findings will then be presented to you as an Action Plan. This action plan will outline and PRIORITIZE where to start and what gaps to focus on first. It will also provide the recommended training, policies and procedures needed to remain compliant with legislation, recommendations for industry best practices, including psychological health and safety, and so much more! The recommended training programs are voluntary, and many are offered through our virtual training as well as in person.

➡️Here at Service Hospitality, we are dedicated to ensuring we provide our industry members with the knowledge and skills needed to make their workplaces physically and psychologically healthy and safe. Having one of our Safety Advisors come to your organization and complete the safety evaluation is the first step to understanding your Safety Management System, how you can remain compliant with legislation, and how to implement best practices in your workplace!

We are here to help you step by step – we are your roadmap to safety!

One of the best features of this safety evaluation versus other audits is that we provide you with the action plan and not just show you your gaps. We collect and analyze the survey data, review all your safety documentation, complete the walkthrough, and create your action plan! We are your personal guide to ensure a healthy and safe workplace exists. We provide everything you need to have a fully functioning Safety Management System!

HSLC Program
The Highest Standard for Safety Certification in Saskatchewan

On top of the amazing benefits of completing our safety evaluation, it is also one of the first steps in beginning your journey through our HSLC Program.

Our Health and Safety Leadership Certificate Program is the national standard for health and safety leadership with four levels of certification. We provide the guidance you need to create a system that controls hazards and prevents injuries. Contact a safety advisor today to learn more and begin your safety journey!

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