Effective Claims Management – Are You in Control?

If you feel the burden of workplace injury claims and are unsure what to do, know you are not alone, and Service Hospitality can help with our online Claims Management Training coming up on May 9th & 11th. 

Workplace injuries can be costly if not managed effectively, which doesn’t just mean for the organization but the industry as a whole. Did you know increased claims costs won’t just drive up your WCB premiums but also the base premium of your entire industry? Service Hospitality’s Claims Management training program will assist you in setting up a process so you can respond early if an injury occurs. This process will allow your organization a smoother transition through medical appointments, modified work and the full return of the injured worker.

Claims Management doesn’t end with physical injuries. This course will also cover psychological injury claims and the nuances required to effectively manage the claim and the return-to-work process.

Claims Management Training Won’t Just Help You With Previous Claims, But Also Help Prevent Future Claims!


May 9th & 11th from 9 am – 12 pm (CST)


This training will take place via our virtual training platform, Demio. There is no need to download any additional software; you can participate using your internet browser. Claims Management is an interactive training course involving discussion, dialogue, and case studies to comprehensively understand how to successfully manage your WCB claims and support your employees.


FREE – Limited Spots Available!

Claims Management Training Part 1

May 9th, 2023
9 AM – 12 PM (CST)

*Participants must attend parts 1 & 2 to complete this training*

Claims Management Training Part 2

May 11th, 2023
9 AM – 12 PM (CST)

*Participants must attend parts 1 & 2 to complete this training*

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Developing a process for managing claims and modified work prior to an injury occurring 

  • Managing physical and psychological injury claims, including accommodations and modified work 

  • Methods to tackle long-term claims to get them back on track 

  • Ways to mitigate costs to the organization and the injured worker. 

Recommended for:

  • Human Resource professionals and all managers and supervisors who may play a role in the claims management or modified work processes. 

Service Hospitality TV Presents: 5 Common Mistakes Employers Make While Managing Claims 

Access our Claims Management Templates & Resources HERE!

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