Emergency Response Planning

Should an emergency occur in the workplace, immediate action is required to ensure the health and safety of employees, guests, and the public. An emergency response plan must be in place for all potential emergencies that could impact your property.

*This is an elective course for Level 3 of our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate Program.* For more information including registration, pricing, payment, and cancellation information please contact one of our Safety Advisors.

The course will cover:

  • Why employers need to develop an Emergency Response Plan & who to involve in the process

  • How to identify the possible emergencies that could occur at your site

  • How to develop and implement a plan

Recommended for:

  • All Key Staff who will be overseeing and/or carrying out Emergency Response Planning, General Managers, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Health & Safety Committee Members and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of workplace health and safety.


In-Person: 3 hours
Virtual: 2 hours