Ending 2022 on a High Note – Living Skies Housing Authority Successfully Achieves HSLC Level 1!

Reaching the sky is the limit, or is it? With great pleasure, we announce that Living Skies Housing Authority successfully achieved Health and Safety Leadership Certification (HSLC) Level 1 in December last year!

Ray Sieber, Provincial Manager, and the rest of the Living Skies Housing Authority team began their safety journey with Service Hospitality in July. Upon initial conversation with Ray, it was evident that health and safety were top priorities. Together, we sat down and got to work on their safety management system, ensuring it is effective, sustainable, and stops people from getting hurt. But it doesn’t stop there!

Achieving HSLC Level 1 is just the beginning for Living Skies Housing Authority. The overall passion and dedication for health and safety are overwhelming. They are not only committed to physical health and safety but have also shown great interest and desire to enhance their safety management system by including psychological health and safety in all aspects.

Thank you for being safety leaders within your industry!

Find out more about our HSLC Program!

Our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead your organization through developing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System. Empowering you to create a safety culture that will improve the way you do business!

We have created industry-specific streams tailored to the individual needs of our employers. The Hospitality Stream (in partnership with Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council or STEC), the Community Services Stream (in partnership with SARC) and a General Stream for employers who may not directly fit within the two other primary streams.


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