Free Webinar Series!

Are you working from home? Live in a rural area? Interested in health and safety or just looking for valuable safety education? Look no further…Service Hospitality is excited to deliver our new webinar series FREE of charge!

With the ever-evolving changes occurring with COVID-19, we have added the option to take our in-person training through our online webinars. Continue your HSLC training through our online webinar series!

FREE Virtual Webinars: 

Hospitality Safety Leadership Certification (HSLC) Training virtually on HSLC Levels 1, 2 & 3, regularly priced at $500 per course. These will occur on an ongoing basis. Participating in a program to achieve certification can help reduce injuries, reduce premiums and save lives. More information on our HSLC program can be found here.

*Certificates to be provided upon completion 

This online training is being provided for FREE. Register for the upcoming courses & events below: 

Health & Safety Leadership

10 AM – 12 PM (CST) 

Upcoming Sessions:
November 25th, 2020

As a safety leader in your organization, you are both responsible AND liable for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all workers. Your only personal protection is knowledge! If you have ever skipped steps to save time, cut the safety budget to invest more heavily elsewhere or put productivity above safety, you may have put yourself at risk! 

This course will cover:

  • The benefits of having a comprehensive safety management system
  • Mandatory legal requirements and Due Diligence
  • The importance of supervisors in the Safety Management System
  • Understanding senior management’s role in an Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Claims Management
Full-Day Virtual Learning 
9 AM – 3 PM (CST) 

Upcoming Sessions:
October 27th, 2020
November 19th, 2020

Are you struggling with managing your workplace injury claims? Do you feel a lack of control in the outcome? If so, then this is the course for you! This training will provide you with the key pieces to put you in the driver’s seat in all aspects of claims management.

This course will cover:

  • The importance and basics of investigating incidents
  • How to establish a procedure for handling claims that put you in control
  • Creating modified work plans for injured workers
  • How to establish processes designed to keep the best interest of the business and the injured worker in mind



Webinar Testimonials:

“The ‘Your Safety Committee and the Law’ webinar series offered by Service Hospitality was outstanding! We coordinated a private session for a group of employees to learn together — it was absolutely perfect! The training was well organized and the facilitators were professional, knowledgeable and highly engaged; moreover, it was evident that Service Hospitality took the necessary time to carefully develop a professional training package. Online learning can be tough; this training kept everyone engaged in learning the whole time! Most importantly, it was relevant and customized to meet our unique needs.”  

-Michael Lavis, Creative Options

Excellent organized content that builds on your knowledge and reinforces what you already know. One of the main things that impressed me about the webinar was that it was relevant to today’s workplace and very interactive, which kept me focused and engaged. The support from presenters was first-rate and was delivered at a well-paced level which allowed me to learn quickly.


I have done a number of different webinars, honestly, this is by far the best one I have ever done!!! Just keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for the opportunity, I have signed up for many more of your webinars.


It was excellent. The instructor was very easy to understand and did not rush through the webinar.  I found it to be very eye-opening and a reminder of how important safety is for all of us.


One of the best online training experiences I have had.  I really don’t have any suggestions – info was clear, concise and lots of opportunities to ask questions.  Thank you!



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