From Hazards to High-Fives: Mastering Hazard Identification & Controls!

What exactly is a hazard?  When it comes to workplace health and safety, it’s basically anything that can cause harm to someone or damage to property or equipment.  Whether you’re eager to dive into the world of workplace safety or need to learn how to identify and tackle those pesky hazards, mark your calendars because on Tuesday, June 13th at 9 am, we’re hosting a webinar all about hazard assessment & controls.

True injury prevention starts and ends here!  By identifying hazards before they cause an injury or damage, you can prevent suffering and the potential for major human and monetary costs.  An effective hazard identification and control program is the key to a healthy and safe workplace. 

In this online course, you will cover the following:

  • Different types of hazards and where they can be located
  • The Hierarchy of Controls
  • How to prioritize each hazard
  • How to assess the effectiveness of current controls and how to make them more effective
Recommended for:
  • All Key Staff (those overseeing and carrying out hazard identification, risk assessment, and control, Managers, Supervisors, Human Resources, Health & Safety Committee Members and anyone who wants to increase their injury prevention knowledge.

According to the Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Regulations, any good health and safety program needs to identify both existing and potential risks to the well-being of workers.  It’s as simple as that!  It should also have measures and procedures to deal with emergencies and reduce, eliminate, or control those risks.  The ultimate goal is to prevent injuries, illnesses, and even the big “F” – fatalities.  We definitely want to avoid that one!

You see, hazards that run wild and aren’t controlled can wreak havoc on a business.  They can cause damage to the premises, equipment, and goods, which can be detrimental to operations.  That’s where hazard assessments and controls come to the rescue!  They help create safe and healthy workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Now, injuries and illnesses aren’t just a downer for individuals but can also be a real pain for organizations.  They bring emotional and financial hardships and can seriously damage a workplace culture.  That’s why it’s super important to identify, assess, and control hazards.  It’s like putting up a shield against all the trouble that could come your way.  So, ask yourself, does your organization have a system to spot hazards, both old and new?  Do they have all the necessary steps in place to protect hardworking employees?

Remember, prevention is the name of the game!  By spotting hazards before they cause any harm, you can save people from suffering and keep those significant costs, both human and monetary, at bay.  It’s all about having an effective hazard identification and control program.  That’s the secret sauce for a healthy and safe workplace where everyone can enjoy what they do without worrying about getting hurt.


Hazards don’t stand a chance when we’re armed with knowledge and a whole lot of enthusiasm.  Let’s make safety a top priority together.  See you on Tuesday, June 13th at 9 am for our Hazard Assessment & Controls training.


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