Grade 3 Hazard Hero Safety Presentation


Did you know?

Between 1994 and 2003, approximately 390 Canadian children aged 14 years and under died from unintentional injuries annually, while another 25,500 were hospitalized.
– Canadian Paediatric Society

In 2004, injuries to Canadians cost $19.8 billion in health care costs and lost productivity, of which $16.0 billion resulted from unintentional causes. Of this, almost $3 billion could be accounted for by falls and transport-related injuries to children and youth from birth to 19 years of age. – Canadian Paediatric Society

Causes of child and youth injury in Canada vary by age due to many factors, including child development and exposure to hazards. – Canadian Paediatric Society

According to The Canadian Paediatric Society, “With rising health care costs and the understanding that many injury cases fare poorly despite optimal treatment, prevention is undoubtedly the best approach to address this burden.” To help, we have created a Grade 3 Safety Presentation to help educate young students about a variety of hazards in their environment and how to prevent themselves from getting injured by these hazards.

The presentation is intended to be used as a lesson in the health education curriculum targeting Outcomes:

USC3.5 – Evaluate safe behaviors/practices to increase the safety of self and others at home.

This presentation is 45 min in length and includes a fun Hazard Hero game using a Family Feud format.  The teachers are provided with a variety of activities to use after the Service Hospitality safety presentation.

Your students will learn:

  1. What a hazard/risk is.

  2. The different types of hazards in the home and the surrounding environments.

  3. How to be a Hazard Hero and prevent injuries from happening to them or the people around them.

Grade 3 Hazard Hero Resources

⬇️Level up your classroom presentation with these specially designed supplementary resources and learning tools provided below! 

Are You a Hazard Hero Poster
Family Feud – Hazard Hero
Fire Escape Plan Activity
Grade 3 Hazard Hero Quiz Activity
Grade 3 Spot the Hazard Activity
Safety Guidelines – Uncomfortable Situations
Weekly Safety Check for Hazard Heros Poster
Hazard Hero Colouring Sheet


For more information or to schedule a presentation for your class, please contact us at or phone 306.522.5499.

We look forward to working with you and your students!

Teacher Testimonials:

“This was such an interesting and engaging presentation! I can’t wait to check out the resources on your website.”

“Your presentation was wonderful, and it was presented very well to our younger audience.”

“The grade 3 Hazard Hero is an amazing virtual experience. Brooklyn was very warm and welcoming as we began our zoom meeting. She explained everything at the level that the students would understand. There were so many curricular outcomes that were taught and talked about during our time together. The students were engaged and felt very knowledgeable with her applauding their responses during the questions she asked, and the game we played. You can tell that Brooklyn is passionate about her teaching and does a fantastic job to engage and make learning fun for the students. I can’t wait to be a part of another learning opportunity with Service Hospitality.  Thank you so very much for offering such an important learning opportunity for our school and class.”