Growing Culture through Safety! Gold Eagle Lodge achieves HSLC Level 4!

Congratulations to the Gold Eagle Lodge on successfully reaching their Health and Safety Leadership Certification (HSLC) Level 4 in our Hospitality Stream! This remarkable accomplishment was a goal that the organization set back in 2018. Their aim was to establish a safety management system that not only protects the health and safety of workers but also builds one that transforms culture!

Since beginning their journey, achieving HSLC certifications 1 through 4 became the objective to change the safety landscape within the organization. That transformation revolved around one critical aspect: CULTURE! When you hear this word, you often think of an environment of trust, honesty and fairness; this is the Gold Eagle Lodge! Through countless hours of safety evaluations, policy enhancements, developing a Job Hazard Assessment, and comprehensive training, this team embraced it all!

Motivated and determined, General Manager Kelly Fluney and her team reached level 4, marking a momentous achievement that was celebrated throughout the organization.  

Joining in the celebrations, Service Hospitality CEO Carrie Bjola and Safety Advisor Shikara Dyck made the announcement to the team on August 24 that they are among the top recipients of health and safety in Hospitality.

Congratulations to the GOLD EAGLE LODGE!


Find out more about our HSLC Hospitality Stream!

HSLC Hospitality Stream

Our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead your organization through developing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System. Empowering you to create a safety culture that will improve the way you do business!

With four required training levels plus electives, our Hospitality Streamin partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan, provides efficiencies and risk-specific training options for joint customers in the hospitality industry.

Service Hospitality offers the flexibility your business needs to achieve its HSLC Goals. All training and consultations are provided in-person or virtually and on your schedule! Participating in a program to achieve certification can help reduce injuries, reduce premiums, and save lives.

To learn more about the Health and Safety Leadership Certification program and to take the next step and start your HSLC journey, please Get in Touch with Service Hospitality.

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