Hazard Assessment & Controls Webinar: The First Step In Meeting Your 2024 Safety Resolutions

Many people find the start of a new year an opportunity to reflect on the choices and habits they have been making. Am I getting as much physical activity as I should? Do I need to reduce my soda intake? Am I letting whether a sports team wins or loses dictate my emotional state? (Okay, maybe that last one is just me).

Whether you are trying to get back to the gym or going for the first time, the new year is the perfect motivator to do it. The same can be said for your organization’s safety management system. Are you starting from scratch? Are you looking to regain some positive habits? Help your organization meet its New Year’s safety resolutions by registering for Service Hospitality’s Hazard Assessment & Controls Webinar training on January 31st!

If having an injury-free workplace equals a six-pack of abs, then being able to identify hazards is like a healthy diet – and knowing how to prevent them is like hitting the gym! Hazard Assessment & Controls are the foundation of your safety management system, and whether you are front-line staff or management, you have a role to play.

To help you get started on your organization’s safety, Service Hospitality’s COMPLIMENTARY webinar will cover:

  • Different types of hazards and where they can be located

  • The Hierarchy of Controls

  • How to prioritize each hazard

  • How to assess the effectiveness of current controls and how to make them more effective


January 31st, from 9 am – 12 pm (CST)


This training will take place via our virtual training platform, Demio. There is no need to download any additional software; you can participate using your internet browser. Hazard Assessment & Controls is an interactive training course. Involving discussion, dialogue, and case studies to understand how to successfully Identify potential workplace hazards comprehensively. As well as treat them before they lead to injury or damage to property and goods.


COMPLIMENTARY – Limited Spots Available!

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