Health & Safety Leadership Certificate Program

Participating in a program to achieve certification can help reduce injuries, reduce premiums and save lives. Contact us to start building your program today!

Exclusive to the hospitality industry, the Hospitality Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead you (the employer) through the process of developing and implementing a health and safety management system, and to empower you to create a system and a corporate safety culture that will improve the way you do business!

Even if you aren’t in the hospitality industry this program is available as a Health & Safety Leadership Certificate as well!

Requirements for each level build on the foundations of the previous levels, as you progress through the development of the program, you will achieve increased recognition and improved health and safety processes.

The HSLC consists of 4 different levels:

Level 1 – Start the development of an effective OHS system by taking a baseline measure of the property’s health and safety culture and by establishing management’s commitment to the process.

Health & Safety Leadership for Managers Course



Level 2 – Build the foundation of an OHS system by identifying staff training needs and conducting the property’s hazard assessments.

Level 3 – Complete the training needed to maintain a health and safety management system for the property as well as to develop the systems required to control the work place hazards identified.

Level 4 – Take the final step and conduct a Certificate of Recognition audit. The property successfully certifies for/maintains a Certificate of Recognition (COR)

*The current most senior manager must have completed the Health & Safety Leadership for Managers training at all levels of certification.  The intent of this seminar is to expose senior management to training that will explain the importance of health and safety to their business.  It is designed to ensure senior managers understand their responsibilities for the safety of their workers, the repercussions of not meeting these responsibilities, and the basic systems they must implement.

To download the pdf brochure, click HERE.


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