Innovative Training Programs for Emerging Health & Safety Challenges

In today’s rapidly changing workplaces, ensuring that your health and safety program keeps up with changing legislation, emerging issues, and new hazards can be difficult. At Service Hospitality, we ensure that our products and services continually meet the changing needs of our members and help them address these challenges while promoting a culture of health and safety.

The road to your success is through our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate (HSLC) program. This four-level program guides an employer through the steps of building and maintaining a safety management system. HSLC offers three distinct industry streams that offer training tailored to your work. We are thrilled to announce the launch of three new training programs specifically designed to fit into our existing industry streams and address some common safety challenges faced by our industries today, such as:

  • Fostering violence and harassment-free workplaces,

  • Prioritizing psychological health and safety in community service and hospitality, and

  • Specific training like promoting kitchen safety

Courses New to our Three HSLC Streams!

➡️Psychological Health & Safety for Community Services

Level 1 – For Frontline Workers
Level 2 – For Supervisors/Managers

Build the capacity of community service workers in self-care and mental health skills. Through video testimonials and case studies from employees in local community service workplaces, participants find solidarity through shared experiences regarding common mental health challenges like anxiety, grief, burnout, and compassion fatigue. Attendees explore industry-specific stressors, prevalent mental health challenges, and effective coping strategies and gain tools to maintain their well-being and support colleagues.

➡️Creating Harassment-Free Workplaces in Community Services & Hospitality

Workplace harassment and discrimination result in damaging consequences for employees and organizations. Workplaces must meet legislated requirements and help employees recognize that harassment is a serious occupational health and safety concern in industries like community services and hospitality. In partnership with Enough Already, this online-access, self-paced course educates participants on identifying different types of harassment, their role in addressing workplace harassment, bystander intervention strategies, and more!

➡️Kitchen Safety

Working in a kitchen may be considered relatively safe, but real workplace injury statistics show that is untrue. By understanding the most common hazards in the kitchen (including psychological ones), you can help ensure your and your co-workers’ safety. This micro-credential course was developed in partnership with Sask Polytechnic and offers fundamental kitchen safety training, providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to work and supervise safely in a commercial kitchen setting. A well-trained kitchen staff will prevent injuries, save time and money, and improve the well-being of the staff.

For assistance, or if you have questions or comments, please Get in Touch with Service Hospitality.

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