Integrating Psychological Health and Safety Into HSLC Streams

With one purpose in mind, Service Hospitality’s goal has always been to stop people from getting hurt! Through our Health and Safety Leadership Certification (HSLC), our employers work through a step-by-step process to build a safety management system.

With the changes to OH&S Regulations in this past year and an increased number of psychological injury claims, Service Hospitality reviewed our HSLC program for improvement. What is it that employers need or want regarding health and safety? How can we ensure that employers protect their employees not just from physical hazards but psychological ones? The answer was simple…

Integrating Psychological Health and Safety into our HSLC Program!

HSLC is a complete program that walks employers through developing a fully functioning Health and Safety Management System. We have created industry-specific streams tailored to the individual needs of our employers; the Hospitality Stream (in partnership with Tourism Saskatchewan), the Community Services Stream (in partnership with SARC) and a General Stream for employers who may not directly fit within the two other primary streams.

This past year, Service Hospitality upgraded our Psychological Health and Safety audit tool from the CSA Standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace to the ISO 45003 International Standard for workplace psychological health and safety. This new tool was reviewed and approved by the Canadian Mental Health Association – SK Division. With the creation of this tool, we can embark on our next journey and fully integrate our audit tool and resources into our HSLC Streams Certifications.

Service Hospitality is proud to announce that on April 4th, 2022, we will have a fully integrated HSLC Certification that includes Psychological Health and Safety into ALL of our existing training programs and resources, as well as added supplementary training options provided by both partners!

Psychological Health and Safety continue to be a hot topic for many employers. We want to ensure that our industry members have the knowledge and skills to ensure their workplace is physically and psychologically healthy and safe!

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