Introducing Our Applied Workplace Ergonomics Training Course!

A quick internet search of “workplace ergonomics” typically results in a cookie-cutter approach to setting up an office chair and desk. But many Community Service workers spend their workdays everywhere BUT at a desk! We are proud to introduce our latest safety training program on Applied Workplace Ergonomics! 

Because of the variety of work within the Community Service sector, ergonomic injuries are prevalent. Common injuries like sprains and strains, wrist, shoulder, and back injuries happen because of how workers engage with their tasks and workspace. How can we prevent these injuries from occurring? The first step is to know how to identify and address ergonomic hazards! To help support the Community Service sector, Service Hospitality is proud to announce the launch of our new course Applied Workplace Ergonomics, Optimizing pain-free productivity. This course won’t just tell you to “use a chair with good back support” or “stretch before strenuous activities” – instead, we’ve focused on teaching the fundamentals of ergonomics and how our bodies operate so that all participants can walk away understanding why back support is important, or how strenuous activities cause trauma to our bodies.

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