SHSAtv Episodes 19 & 20: WHMIS 2015 – for the Employer and Employee

SHSAtv Presents: WHMIS 2015 – for the Employer

Have you ever wondered what WHMIS or GHS is?

Do you know if your employees need WHMIS training?

If these are questions you’ve had, this is the episode for you!!

Usually WHMIS is boring…now its not! This video will explain what you as the employer should know about WHMIS 2015. After this quick video, you will feel confident that you can make your workplace safe.  Check out the companion video for your employees: WHMIS 2015 (SHSAtv #20) @SHSAtraining.

 SHSAtv Presents: WHMIS 2015 – for the Employee

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You think WHMIS is boring?  Now it’s not! If you work with or around chemicals this is information you need to know.  Think this isn’t important?  Well ask Dean Chappell as he has firsthand experience and will tell you otherwise. WHMIS 2015 will tell you about your rights and responsibilities when it comes to the safe use and handling of chemicals.

SHSAtv is developed for you and hosted by those you trust.  It is a collection of safety training videos with firsthand information from our knowledgeable safety advisors. SHSAtv is condensed training that can easily be used during a meeting, training a staff member, specialized department training, and include in staff orientation.  It is easy to use educational workplace safety training.

For information on SHSA’s training courses, including WHMIS 2015, click HERE!


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