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The intersection between physical and psychological health and safety is vast and growing.  As our existing HSLC program expands to integrate psychological health and safety, we are also exploring new technological solutions to help even more. 
One of these potential solutions is the SAHARA (Safety and Hazard Awareness Risk Assessment) App.  This app is currently being launched for youth and will soon be available for corporate use.  SAHARA allows users to conduct a hazard assessment of their worksite by clicking on identified hazards, as well as conducting a short self-assessment of their current mental wellness.  SAHARA provides links to crisis support and health and safety training programs depending on the results.  The SAHARA app was developed by Service Hospitality’s partners at the Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada (SiS) and SWIFT Learning. SAHARA will empower young people to recognize how their mental health impacts the decisions that they make and, how that directly correlates to increasing their risk of sustaining an injury or, a dangerous situation in the workplace.
To expand this technology to the corporate world, Service Hospitality and SiS held a Focus Group made up of hospitality professionals to delve into how this emerging technology could be used in the hospitality industry.  Service Hospitality would like to say a special thank you to the organizations who participated, including:

Click to access the official press release: SWIFT Learning and the SIS Foundation of Canada Launch ‘SAHARA’

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the SAHARA app rolls out in the corporate space! The feedback they provided will help shape the extra features of the corporate version, including data analysis, reporting, and customization.  The participants also provided feedback on cost structure, marketing options, and potential recruitment tools.

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