Let’s Talk Anxiety

In Canada, every 1 out of 5 youth who need mental health services receives them. This is a clear indication that there is a critical need for youth to receive mental health information. There is a great need to eliminate the stereotypes and stigma around mental health, making it even more important to educate our youth. Join the conversation and help promote mental health awareness.

The most common form of mental illness is anxiety. Have you ever felt shy, overwhelmed, worried or anxious about an event or situation in your day-to-day life? This is known as anxiety. In fact, anxiety is normal and it’s okay to experience it. Anxiety is a natural and necessary process that occurs in our body and is triggered by stress. Normal life stress activates a muscle in our brain called the amygdala. The amygdala’s job is to determine if we are in danger. When we feel emotions such as fear or nervousness our body is trying to figure out what kind of danger we are in, even when that danger might only be speaking in front of a crowd.  Anxiety is a part of life and shouldn’t be something we fear or be ashamed of.

“The thing about anxiety is it follows you wherever you go because it is a part of you. It doesn’t define you, but it is a part of you.” -Skye Wiberg

Anxiety can become a problem when we don’t manage it and, consequently, it begins to interfere with our everyday life, interests and activities. We are all going to have some sort of anxiety in our life, we are never going to be able to fully eliminate it, fortunately, we can learn how to take control of our anxiety. Everyone is unique in their own way and, therefore each person will respond differently to possible coping strategies. It’s important an individual finds a coping method or treatment that works best for them that suits their personality and needs.

Coping methods and treatments options can be, but are not limited to the following;

  • Self-care: eat right, get enough rest, drink water, exercise

  • Surround yourself with the people you care about

  • Creative outlets: drawing, painting, doodling, coloring

  • Relaxation treatments: mediation, yoga, taking a deep breath

  • Be active: go for a walk, run, dance or bike ride

  • Listen to music

  • Enjoy the world around us: breathe fresh air

  • Medication-prescribed by a doctor

  • Seek support-asking for help, see a doctor or counsellor

When it comes to anxiety the most important thing to remember is, you’re not alone.

“Whatever you are going through, whatever you feel that isolates you from the rest of the world, you’re not alone by any stretch of the imagination. So, let’s talk anxiety.” -Zak Hubbard

To support the importance of mental health awareness, Service Hospitality offers a Mental Health presentation targeting the grade 8 level to shine a spotlight on anxiety and how it impacts a person’s mental health. Sending special thanks to Shelly-Anne and her team for producing another great video for us to share with you! 

For more information or to book your presentation, please contact us here. To learn more about anxiety visit The Canadian Mental Health Association & Anxiety Canada.









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