Occupational Health and Safety Committees & Top Contraventions

Service Hospitality is dedicated to building our members’ capacity to prevent workplace injuries by NOTICING hazards in their workplaces and following applicable health and safety legislation. This safeguards them from legal repercussions and fosters a culture of safety.

Below are 3 out of 10  contraventions in 2023 from Saskatchewan Community Service and Hospitality Industries. Our members’ Occupational Health and Safety Committees are consistently featured on this list each year. Service Hospitality ensures that our members protect themselves by establishing committees that meet legal obligations and actively contribute to cultivating a safety-conscious workplace.

#1 – Establishing of OH&S Committees – Saskatchewan Employment Act 3-22

Every place of employment where ten or more workers of one employer work requires an OH&S Committee. This committee must have at least two members, represent the employer and employees, and meet no less than once every three months.

WHY? This committee is an integral part of your Safety Management System, helping you monitor, hear, and respond to the health and safety of employees and the workplace.

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#7 – Frequency of Meetings – OHS Regulation 4-4

The OH&S Committee must hold its first meeting within two weeks of being established. Three subsequent meetings must be held at intervals not exceeding one month. After that, regular meetings must be held at intervals not exceeding three months.

WHY? This committee reviews safety policies and procedures and plays a crucial role in workplace inspections and incident investigations. It cannot function effectively without regular meetings.

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#10 – Training of OH&S Committee Members – OHS Regulation 4-9

OH&S Committees are important in helping the employer ensure the workplace is healthy and safe. To do this effectively, the OH&S Committee (co-chairs, at a minimum) are required to receive training respecting the duties and functions of a committee.

WHY? This committee would not be effective without understanding OH&S legislation, its roles and responsibilities, how to perform proactive inspections, identify true causes of incidents, and how to implement effective controls.

Training: Your Safety Committee & the Law


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