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We Partner For You! Through increased collaboration, we are able to improve our current products and services and extend our reach to a much wider audience. In other words, we can impact more of our members in a more meaningful way. Below is a list of all current partnerships we have with organizations across Canada.

In addition to these exciting partnerships, Service Hospitality also works alongside other provincial and national organizations in the following groups:

  • Canadian Associations for Safe Hospitality (CASH) – this includes hospitality safety associations, along with other organizations with hospitality safety as a priority.

  • Saskatchewan Association of Safety Associations (SASA) – this group is made up of the seven provincial safety associations.

  • Conference Board of Canada’s Council for Safe Workplaces – this group is facilitated by the Conference Board and includes the sharing of resources, guest speakers / experts, and access to health and safety research.

More Info on Our Partners


We are ecstatic to start this partnership with an inspirational individual who shares our passion for educating young people about workplace safety and prevention. In 2022, we will be collaborating on the development of a new online safety program for high school students. We are excited about the potential reach of this product, which will be accessible across Canada.

We are collaborating on developing a high-quality kitchen safety program that will integrate with Service Hospitality’s HSLC program and be an elective risk-based program for any organization with kitchens.  With knife cuts and burns being the top injuries for the hospitality sector, this course will support our members in their efforts to reduce injuries.

We have had great success in collaborating with CMHA SK on the Mental Health Best Practice Group as well as numerous sponsored training activities and supportive communication strategies.  In June 2021, we collaborated on a conference with well over 700 registrants.


To date, over 7500 students in Saskatchewan have mastered courses from Safety in Schools as a result of this collaboration.  Service Hospitality and Safety in Schools worked together to make Service Hospitality’s Anxiety & Mental Health course available online. This allows youth across Canada to now access this course through Safety in School’s platform.


WSPS is one of if not the largest safety associations in Canada. Representing many of the same industries as Service Hospitality, this relationship has created great communication channels and additional networking opportunities.  The greatest impact of the collaboration has been extending the influence of Service Hospitality among major players in health and safety in Canada.

Collaboration with Tourism Saskatchewan begins with supporting and creating content for their eCampus. This relationship has grown to include a partnership on the “Hospitality Stream” of our HSLC program.  We continue to work closely with Tourism Saskatchewan to help expand the reach of our communications and resources.

Service Hospitality has worked with SARC in several different ways over the years. Most recently, SARC partnered with Service Hospitality for the “Community Services” stream of the HSLC program.


Discover Saskatoon is a membership-based, non-profit visitor and convention bureau marketing Saskatoon and the region as a destination of choice for leisure and business travel. With shared hotel and hospitality industry members, Discover Saskatoon helps us create connections with Saskatoon and area-based hotels, restaurants, and taxi organizations.


For more information on our partnerships or on any of our products and services,  CONTACT US HERE.

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