Owning Safety! CanOps Provincial Emergency Communication Centre takes the next step in their HSLC Journey

Last week was a special one for the Provincial Emergency Communication Centre – CanOps (PECC), which marked six months since they achieved HSLC Level 1! To celebrate that success, Service Hospitality had the honour of awarding them their Health and Safety Leadership Certificate Level 2!

PECC has truly stepped into owning safety and has done a wonderful job coming together as a team to make this happen. While working through HSLC Level 2, they realized the need to share the workload and go beyond just the Occupational Health and Safety Committee. PECC now has three fully functioning committees that are working simultaneously together to build a culture of safety.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Psychological Health and Safety Committee

Wellness Committee

These individual committees have taken portions of the Action Plan presented by Service Hospitality and have come together to build their own plan that shows ownership, initiative and successful completion of areas as they work through it.

They were the FIRST organization to complete the newly integrated psychological health and safety evaluation and the very first organization to complete the HSLC Level 1 that now includes psychological health and safety! They continue that success with HSLC level 2 and aren’t stopping there! Watch out for more wonderful achievements from our friends with PECC.

Congratulations to the Provincial Emergency Communication Centre – CanOps!

Find out more about our HSLC General Stream!

Our Health & Safety Leadership Certificate is designed to lead your organization through developing and implementing a Health and Safety Management System. Empowering you to create a safety culture that will improve the way you do business!

WHAT is the HSLC program? 

HSLC is the national standard for health and safety leadership with four levels of certification. We provide the guidance you need to create a system that controls hazards and prevents injuries. Each level has been fully integrated with psychological health and safety and contains required training plus electives to build your safety management system based on your organization’s needs. 

WHO is the HSLC: General Stream for? 

If you are an employer in an industry outside of hospitality & community services in the province of Saskatchewan, you have legislative obligations. This stream is for you! 

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