It’s the “Fall” Season, not the “Slip, Trip and Fall” Season

October is here and as we transition to the cold and snow that will soon be upon us, organizations need to prepare to make the transition to preventing fall and winter-related incidents. A safety culture that is strong will extend throughout all seasons of the year and not just the warmer months. The service & […]

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The Missing Link – Implementing Psychological Health and Safety into Your Workplace

Take a moment to think about health and wellbeing, what comes to mind? For many of us, we tend to view health and wellbeing as a physical state. Now take a moment to think about safety in the workplace, what comes to mind? Again, for many of us, we tend to focus our workplace safety […]

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Service Hospitality Achieves All 4 Levels of the Health & Safety Leadership Certificate Program!

            Service Hospitality is proud to announce we have achieved all four levels of the Health & Safety Leadership Certificate program. This certification marks an important goal for Service Hospitality in optimizing our productivity while reaffirming our commitment to workplace health and safety. We strive to inspire other organizations in […]

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