Preventing Workplace Harassment

Preventing Workplace HarassmentEvery organization must be prepared and equipped to deal with reports of workplace harassment, but sometimes, the requirements and legal duties have our heads spinning. In the below article, you will find resources for preventing workplace harassment. Labour Relations and Workplace Safety have created three videos illustrating the distinct difference between personal harassment, sexual harassment and harassment based on prohibited grounds. However, knowing the difference isn’t enough. Employers, supervisors and workers must be able to recognize these unwanted behaviours and their duties and responsibilities concerning workplace harassment under Saskatchewan legislation. 

Workplace harassment is a significant problem in Saskatchewan, where workers may face harassment in any workplace and from anyone. Having a good harassment prevention policy is a good start, but have you ensured staff are aware of it? The organizations that are most vulnerable to harassment are the ones that are not taking the steps necessary to identify and prevent these behaviours or that are not taking these types of behaviour seriously enough.

If your organization struggles to think “beyond the policy,” contact Service Hospitality to learn more about our Harassment Prevention in Hospitality: Beyond the Policy training for organizational leaders. General questions and consultation are always free for Service Hospitality members, so reach out if you’d like to speak with a Safety Advisor today.

Information from the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety of Saskatchewan can be found below: 

Harassment is unacceptable, and we can all play a role in preventing it in the workplace by understanding what harassment is and how to report it.

The Saskatchewan Employment Act protects from harassment for workers, volunteers, independent and dependent contractors and secondary and post-secondary students working for or being trained by an employer.

There are three types of harassment defined in the Act. Check out the videos that depict each of the following types of harassment:

Harassment based on prohibited grounds:

Personal harassment:

Sexual harassment:

Saskatchewan workplaces must have a harassment policy and investigate complaints appropriately. For more information on how to develop or create a harassment policy, visit the harassment prevention guide.

If you are being harassed at work, follow the steps in your employer’s policy to report harassment. You cannot be disciplined for reporting harassment. Suppose you are not able to resolve the issue internally. In that case, you can make an initial harassment complaint by calling Occupational Health and Safety at 1-800-567-7233 or completing an initial harassment complaint form found at

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