Service Hospitality TV Presents: Preventing Workplace Violence

As an employer, you may be legally required to have a violence prevention policy and plan. Even if it isn’t legally required for your industry, if your workers MAY be at risk, you have a legal responsibility to protect them from ALL hazards at work – including violence.

The service and hospitality industries are at a higher risk of workplace violence, due to some of the workplace factors present in those industries. These include things like handling cash, serving alcohol, working with the public, working alone, providing care, or carrying out protective services.

But violence, like any workplace hazard, can be prevented. Although there is a certain unpredictability when working with the public, there are controls employers can put in place to reduce the risk to their workers.

In this video, we discuss,

  • Risk factors that may be present in your workplace/industry

  • Potential controls to help minimize the risk

  • The outline of a violence prevention policy and plan, and how to start developing one