Protect your workers with an Exposure Control Plan!

Are you aware that an exposure control plan is required within your organization? Do you know what it is and the importance behind it? Exposure control plans can help to eliminate or minimize workers’ exposure to COVID-19. As well as protecting anyone that takes out the garbage, cleans bathrooms, interacts closely with the public, or cleans up after other people.

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations have been updated to state that if workers are likely to be exposed to an infectious material (including COVID-19) at the place of employment, an employer, in consultation with their OH&S committee, shall develop a plan to eliminate or minimize worker exposure. This means that every employer in Saskatchewan now requires an Exposure Control Plan. Although COVID-19 may be the reason for the creation of this plan, it’s important to consider all the potential exposures your workers may face in the workplace. The biggest risk in the Service and Hospitality Industry is the risk of exposure to Needles and Infectious Bodily Fluids.

If you have not taken the steps to reduce the risk in the workplace by creating an exposure control plan, now is the time to start. Here are some resources to begin:

  1. Exposure Control Planning: Integrating COVID-19

Recording of the training sessions can be provided upon request.

  1. Templates and Resources

Contact a Safety Advisor today to discuss your Exposure Control Plan or to book the Needles and Infectious Bodily Fluids Training.

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