Psychological Health & Safety for Community Services: Level 1 Frontline Workers

Caregivers in the community service industry are the cornerstone of compassionate care. But when our focus is on caring for others, we often forget to extend the same care to ourselves.

This training course empowers community service workers with essential self-care and mental health skills. We will explore industry-specific stressors, identify prevalent mental health challenges, and learn about effective coping strategies to enhance emotional resilience. This session will give attendees the tools to fortify their own mental well-being and uplift their colleagues, leaving them motivated to establish a solid foundation of care that prioritizes mental health, enhancing job satisfaction and overall quality of life.

This course will cover:

  • Testimonials and case studies from individuals within the community services industry

  • Communication, coping mechanisms and support for common mental health challenges such as anxiety, grief, burnout and compassion fatigue

  • How to notice, acknowledge and support poor mental health in ourselves and co-workers

  • Additional resources and community support accessible to community service workers

Recommended for:

  • All workers

Approximate Duration:

  • In-person: 6 hours

  • Virtual: Two 3-hour sessions are scheduled for your group’s preferred times.

*This is an elective course for Level 2 of our Health and Safety Leadership Certificate Program – Community Services Stream. For more information, including registration, pricing, payment, and cancellation information, please get in touch with one of our Safety Advisors.

Mental Wellness Tool-Kit

Below, you can access the collection of resources, strategies, and practices introduced in the course to support mental well-being. These resources include tools for self-care, stress management, resilience, and overall psychological health. Each tool is adaptable and can be tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.

➡️ABC’s of Coping
➡️Box Breathing
➡️Challenging Your Thoughts
➡️Circle of Control
➡️Circle of Support
➡️Gratitude Journal
➡️Habit Tracker
➡️Intention Journal
➡️Mental Wellness Tool-Kit Cheat Sheet
➡️Mood Tracker
➡️P.A.U.S.E. Regulation
➡️Setting Boundaries
➡️The 5 Senses
➡️The 8 Dimensions of Wellness
➡️Thinking Trap Exercise