Record Your Injury To Solve the Mystery – Safety & Health Week 2022

One of the most important aspects of Safety and Health Week is awareness. This year, to recognize and support Safety and Health week and our industries we will be highlighting the importance of following Occupational Health & Safety legislation by discussing some of the top 10 OH&S Contraventions issued in Saskatchewan in 2021 in the community service and hospitality businesses. Below you will find out more about OH&S Regulation 5-8 – First Aid Register:

By filling out the first aid register in your workplace, you can help determine the trends of injuries that occur to implement appropriate controls.

Did you know? The first aid register is ranked one of the top ten contraventions issued in 2021. OH&S Regulation Section 5-8 states employers must ensure first aid kits within their organization have a first aid register. In order for a first aid register to fulfill its purpose records of medical supplies used and medical attention should be noted after every use. A first aid register should be easily assessable for inspection and once complete should be kept on record for no less than five years.

A first aid register is a useful tool for an organization as it draws attention to injury trends in an organization. A first aid register records the injured employee, description of the injury, what part of the body was injured, supplies being used if medical attention was required and the date the injury occurred. This tracking method allows an organization to recognize workplace hazards and put the proper controls in place to prevent injury from occurring moving forward.

Click HERE to access our First Aid Register Template!

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