Reflecting on 2021

Another year has come and gone. With great pleasure, I want to thank you for your continued support and wish everyone a happy and safe New Year. With all the challenges and changes we faced in 2021, Service Hospitality continues to prove that we are resilient and unstoppable in helping your organization achieve safety excellence.  2021 was a year in which the organization had a lot of significant accomplishments that we are proud of. To say the least, we reached a record-breaking audience of over 80,000 people with our training and education services!

We anticipate that 2021 will have the second-lowest number of injuries in our industries in over 25 years. This can be attributed closely to the 67 organizations that have been Health & Safety Leadership Certificate (HSLC) certified to date, helping organizations like yours achieve the highest standard for safety certification. We did this in part by expanding our existing training programs to better suit the needs of the industry by rolling out our HSLC Streams (Hospitality, Community Services and General). Industry professionals developed each stream to provide industry-specific health and safety solutions in partnership with SARC and Tourism Saskatchewan. In addition, psychological health and safety will be fully integrated into the HSLC program and completed in early 2022. We signed a very significant MOU with Elaina Guilmette to develop Psychological Health and Safety training programs specifically focused on the hospitality sector, click here to find out more.  

We educated more youth with our youth programming than ever before and set a new record of reaching 8,500 students through our various youth-based training programs and through our partnership with Safety in Schools – view our training course options here. Our annual Youth Safety Education Day continued to reach new heights, reaching 60,400 kids through our weeklong virtual events and partnerships with schools across Saskatchewan and beyond.

The Mental Health Best Practice Group continues to provide value to our members by hosting two virtual events in 2021 and trained over 1,500 people. Since the group began in 2017, we have had 15 events and taught nearly 4,800 people about the importance of psychological health and safety. There are well over 100 organizations across Saskatchewan involved in the membership of this group. To look for our upcoming events in 2022 and information on how you can join, click here.

We partnered with multiple fantastic organizations and people and will continue to do great work with them in 2022. Through increased collaboration, we improved our current products and services and extended our reach to a much wider audience. Click to check out the existing partnerships we hold across Canada. We are also very excited to announce our upcoming in-person event, Step Up Your Safety, with Candace Carnahan in March.

I am beyond proud of the Service Hospitality staff and what we have accomplished. However, there is still so much left for us to do for the industry, our members, customers, and partners. As we navigate through the next year, we are committed to helping your organization and always making safety a top priority.


Bay Stenz
Chief Executive Officer

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