Workplace Safety for Newcomers

Service Hospitality is excited to share our knowledge of workplace safety with the newcomers to Canada, who have chosen to settle in Saskatchewan. This valuable information is helpful to newcomers as workplace safety laws and procedures vary greatly from country to country.  Our safety advisors share their knowledge with newcomers through a 1-hour Introduction to Workplace Safety for Newcomers presentation designed to teach students about health and safety in their workplace as well as their rights and responsibilities. 

The program uses learner-centered activities so your students can use their experiences to engage with the provided materials. These activities encourage discussions that will aid in their English language skills. The presentation can be adjusted for every level of the Canadian Language Benchmark program. By using this program, your students will learn to develop and identify strategies to address workplace health and safety scenarios.

Our presentation consists of a variety of topics: 

  • Worker’s Rights and Responsibilities

  • Health and Safety Committees 

  • Different culture views on workplace safety 

  • Workplace Hazards


  • Ergonomics

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Harassment and Bullying 

  • Workplace Violence

  • First Aid

  • Fire Safety 

For more information on receiving the entire package including the facilitator’s chart and activities geared for each stage, contact us at [email protected].

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