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In today’s business, there are constant daily changes and challenges. When looking at a Safety Management System, it can be quite daunting. It is the law to ensure a safe work environment for all workers. The Occupational Health and Safety Acts and Regulations (Reg 3-11) lays out all of the requirements for a safety program.

Why reinvent the wheel? Service Hospitality has many forms and templates that will aid you in building and maintaining your Safety Management System.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions, contact our office, and we will be happy to help!

Claims Management Policy Template
Emergency Plan Template
Emergency Response Drill Template
Employee Training Attendance Record Template
Employee Training Tracker Template
Ergonomics Policy Template
Evaluating Mental Health Promotion Programs Template
External Services Provider Info Package Template
Fall Protection Plan Template
Fall Protection Policy Template
First Aid Register Template
First Aid Risk Assessment Template
First Aid Risk Assessment Template – Charts Included
Fitness for Modified Work Form Template
Harassment Complaint Form Template
Harassment Policy Template
Hazard Identification and Control Procedure Template
Hazard Report Form Template
Hazardous Job Inventory Template
Health and Safety Policy Template
Health and Safety Responsibilities Guideline
Incident Investigation Policy Template
Incident Investigation Report Form Template
Inspection Procedure Template
Incident Tracking Spreadsheet
Inspection Checklist Template
Inspection Checklist Work From Home
Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) Template
Ladder Inspection Form Template
Lock Out Tag Out Procedure 
Modified Work Plan Template
Modified Work Plan Template – Communication
Modified Work Plan Template – Daily
Modified Work Plan Template – Letter to the Worker 
Modified Work Policy Template
Near Miss Reporting Form Template
Needle Summary Form Template
New Employee Health and Safety Orientation Checklist Template
OH&S – Safety Inspection Conversation Questions
OH&S Committee Meeting Agenda Template
OH&S Committee Members Template
OH&S Committee Terms of Reference Template
OH&S Meeting Minutes Template
PPE Training Record Template
PHSMS Implementation Plan Template and Sample Template
Preventative Maintenance Record Template – Daily
Preventative Maintenance Inspection Checklist Template
Prioritizing Hazards Matrix


Preventative Maintenance Record Template – Weekly
Record of Safety Rule Violation Template
Psychological Health & Safety Management System (PHSMS) Policy and Responsibilities Template
Safety Data Sheet Master List Template


Safe Work Procedure Template
SWOT Analysis Template
Violence Policy Template
Violence Policy Checklist – Have You Done Enough Template
WHMIS Training Checklist Template
Working Alone Policy Template
Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Tool – for Community Services
Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Tool – for Hospitality

Additional Resources

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20 Questions for leaders about psychological health and safety
Building Trust for Leaders
Communication Methods for All Levels of the Organization
Confidentiality Agreement Generator
Crisis Response for Leaders
CSA Standard Implementation Handbook – Assembling the Pieces
CSA Standard Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
Discrimination, prevention, and inclusivity
Employee Survey Options from Guarding Minds @ Work
Evaluating outcomes of psychological health and safety initiatives
Helping Employees to Manage Change
Identify Workplace Risks Activity
Implementation for Psychological Health and Safety
ISO_45003 – Guideline for Managing Psychosocial Risk
Mental Health First Aid training (CMHA SK)
Mental Health in the Workplace training (CMHA SK)
Mental Health Policies and Programs
Mental Health: Awareness training (CCOHS)
Mistake Meetings activity
On the Agenda Workshop Series
Planning for Psychological Health and Safety
Prioritizing Hazards Matrix
Psychological Health and Safety – An Action Guide for Employers (MHCC)
Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment
React to Change team building activity
Setting Objectives and Targets (Excerpt from Assembling the Pieces)
Team Building Activities in 30 Minutes or Less
The Working Mind training


We have started building a collection of colourful, easy-to-understand health & safety posters. These posters are a FREE resource to use in your workplace. Simply click on the poster to download the PDF file and print!

Near Miss

Never Dismiss A Near Miss

If It’s An Icy Day, Limit Your Time Away

The Only Trip You Should Take Is On Vacation

Winter Roadside Kit

Don’t Slip

Know Your Extinguisher

Safe Lifting


Hierarchy Of Controls

Workplace Violence