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Human Resources Information for Small Businesses

Small business owners and operators always have to wear many different hats!  Human Resources is often a function that is left behind as a business continues to grow and brings on more workers.  Gaps are often brought to light when Safety Management System development begins.  Below you will find some sample templates and links to external resources that provide instruction and guidance on where to start, what to include, and why this function is important.

If you have any questions about the information provided or on the importance of Human Resources to safety please contact us. Please feel free to modify the samples to fit your individual business needs.

Sample Policies & Procedures

Table of Contents for Employee Handbook Human Resources Manual Table of Contents
Professional Development Policy Progressive Discipline Procedure
Hours of Work Procedure Code of Conduct
Attendance Procedure Harassment Policy
Time Off & Leaves of Absence Procedure Orientation Procedure
Payroll & Salary Procedure Occupational Health & Safety Policy
End of Employment Procedure Safety Responsibilities (accompanies the OH&S Policy)
Employee Benefits Procedure Probationary Period Procedure
Equipment & Communications Policy Job Performance & Review Procedure

 Human Resources Information for Small Businesses


Health and Safety Hospitality for Small Business

Health & Safety for Hospitality-Small Business

Let us present to you the very first edition of the Health & Safety for Hospitality for Small Business handbook! Service Hospitality teamed up with WCB, WorkSafeBC and WorkSafe Saskatchewan to present this document to you, the reader!

This all wouldn’t have been possible without the generous assistance of the people and organizations in the hotel and restaurant industries so, thank you!


  •  Occupational Health and Safety Programs

    • Annual Program Review

    • Seven Steps to Health and Safety

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Control

  • Risk Matrix

  • Identifying workplace hazards and finding ways to eliminate or control them

  • Various other risks such as overexertion, burns, unguarded machinery, etc.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Employers, Workers and Supervisors

  • Safe Work Procedures

    • Includes items such as when you need written safe work procedures, and what types of tasks require safe work procedures

  • Education, Training and Supervision

  • Safety Inspections

    • Includes items such as when inspections should occur, who should conduct them and how they should be conducted

  • Incident Investigation

  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meetings

  • First Aid

  • Records and Statistics

  • Common Questions and Answers

  • WorkSafe Saskatchewan Training Courses

  • WCB and Provincial Government Contact Information

  • Forms and Checklists


Service Canada: Human Resources Management for Employers


  • Government Programs for Employers (links to Canada Revenue Agency for Business, Canada Pension Plan, Temporary Foreign Worker Program, and others)

  • Hiring Employees

    • Job Analysis

    • Writing Job Descriptions

    • Screening and Interviewing Job Applicants

    • Evaluating and Testing Job Applicants

    • Employee Referrals

    • Departing Employees

      • Employment Insurance Regular Benefits & Supplemental Unemployment Benefits Plans

      • Record of Employment on the Web

      • Seniors Canada

      • Work-Sharing

      • Exit Interviews

      • Training Employees

        • Types of Training (orientation, health and safety, coaching)

        • Learning Concepts (continuous, organizational and adult learning)

        • Training Needs Checklist

        • Managing Employees

          • Performance Management, Appraisals, and Problems

          • Related links, such as Payroll Deductions Online Calculator, the Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada, and Canada’s Occupational Health & Safety Website


Canada One: The HR Guide for Canadian Employers


  • Articles relevant to Human Resources topics such as:

    • Hiring

    • Managing

    • Terminating

    • Small business news articles

    • “Ask the Experts” section of Frequently Asked Questions

BizFilings Business Owner’s Toolkit


  • Purpose of employee handbooks

  • Things to include in an employee handbook

  • Design tips for handbooks

  • A note on “disclaimers”


All information provided herein is for informational purposes only. Service Hospitality endeavors to ensure that the information is as current and accurate as possible however errors do occasionally occur.  Service Hospitality is not responsible or liable for any consequence resulting from acting upon the contents of this site.  You should seek independent legal advice if you need assistance on the application of the law to your situation.  Service Hospitality accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on such information.  Service Hospitality cannot control the content or take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers. Where we provide links to sites, we do not by doing so endorse any information or opinions appearing in them. We accept no liability whatsoever over the availability of linked pages.
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