Incident Investigations

Injuries CAN be prevented!  If you’re responsible for investigating incidents in your workplace, you can help prevent future injuries by uncovering, and controlling, the root cause. 

Injuries from lifting, reaching, slipping/tripping, overexertion, and repetitive motion account for over 25% of all injury claims in the service and hospitality industries and 43% of the costs. A common way to “prevent” these injuries is through watching safe lifting videos, and even practicing safe lifting (and other safe handling).  This is great!  But it’s not enough, and lack of training is not always the root cause. 

  1. Incident Investigations & Inspections – In-Person Training
    Our in-person training courses cater to all learning styles by including videos, lectures, and hands-on practice. With an increased emphasis on group work and discussion, our training courses are designed to draw upon your experiences and utilize real-world examples to ensure you understand the material and how to apply it in your workplace.

  2. Incident Cost Calculator
    Find out what the cost of an injury would be in your workplace

  3. What is a Near Miss?

  4. Near Misses
    The Zero Cost way to collect safety information specific to YOUR workplace

Watch our latest Service Hospitality tv Episode
Episode 24: Incident Investigations

In this video, you will find out that the worker was trained, but other systemic issues created the dangerous situation he was working in, which ultimately led to the injury.


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